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Rob Rang Community Chat

On Thursday, April 9, NFLDraftScout.com senior analyst Rob Rang stopped by the Writer's Group to chat with the Community. The chat lasted approximately 90 minutes, with Rob answering a variety of outstanding draft-related questions. Check out the full transcript below.


Mr. Jacobs - Rob, what are you hearing about Jerry Reese and Giants' plans for WR. Do you think with all their 11 draft picks they'll make something happen with Braylon Edwards or Chad Johnson? Or do you think maybe they'll trade up and go for a Crabtree or Maclin?

Rob Rang - I'm hearing that there is significant interest on both sides between the Cleveland Browns and Giants regarding Braylon Edwards. The Cardinals seem a distant second option at this point, because Arizona feels they might be able to get something down with Boldin and are obviously Super Bowl contenders right now. The Giants are thought to be high on speedier receivers like Percy Harvin and have the ammunition for a trade up for Maclin or Heyward-Bey. Otherwise, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt or Brian Robiskie are all possibilities

Scyte&Hammer - Do you see Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks more of a 2nd round or late 1st round prospects and what are the chances that one of them falls down to Bears at #49?

Are Browns/ Bengals desperate enough to trade their star WRs Braylon Edwards and Ocho Cinco for 2nd round pick? That probably depends if any of them takes Crabtree in 1st round, right?

Rob Rang - I believe Nicks has a better shot of making the first round than Britt, at this point, though Britt is actually the better all-around athlete.Britt's inconsistency and rumors of a prima donna attitude are hurting him a little bit.

Nicks' lack of elite speed and the surprising weight-gain he had after the Combine is a concern, but he is among the more physical, NFL-ready receiver of the class. I hear the Dolphins are quite high on him and could take him at #25.

Both probably should be taken in the early 2nd round, but a run on the position early could force teams to jump on them in the late 1st. I'd be surprised if either was available to the Bears at #49. 

draftnik42 - Would you take a chance on an ultra-athletic guy like Michael Johnson at the end of the first round?

Rob Rang - Personally, I would not. Johnson is ultra-athletic, as you mention, but he's too inconsistent for most and I, personally, question his instincts. In a rough version of the immortal words of Dennis Green, "He is what I thought he was" when I reviewed him in September for Draft Slant, NFLDraftScout.com's PDF. Rare tools, but only a marginal football player.

I think he slips to the second.

theheadswin - Hi Rob,

In your opinion, what is the most likely scenario regarding the first round of the Eagle's draft?

1. Trade up to obtain one of the top OTs
2. Look to obtain a top-flight WR with one of their 1st-rounders
3. or will they stay put and utilize both of thir first round picks?


Rob Rang - 1. Trading up is a significant possibility... Somehow I get the feeling that ultimately Michael Oher is going to end up an Eagle... He might slip to them, but I doubt it. He's a legit left tackle, as is William Beatty, but is so much more NFL-ready, he's worth moving up to get him.

2. Trading back is always a possibility with the Eagles, though you didn't mention this -- as is taking a running back with one of their 1st round picks. They are thought to be high on Moreno, who, if he slips to them at #21, will be a spectacular value. Donald Brown at #28 might be a bit of a reach, but fills a need.

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